Additional Houthi means to harass citizens during Ramadan

Additional Houthi means to harass citizens during Ramadan

The terrorist Houthi militia has been harassing citizens in their livelihoods and restricting their freedoms, especially in the month of Ramadan, using additional means for that.

Al-Sahwa Net recorded an aspect of the Houthi militia's methods and in increasing the burdens of the citizen to unbearable levels in the blessed month of Ramadan, which is known as the month of mercy.

Looting in the name of religion:

 With the advent of the month of Ramadan, the Houthis are increasingly brutal in collecting what is known as zakat, to the extent that a citizen may pay zakat more than once, and each time to a different party, all of which are affiliated with the Houthi Zakat Authority. Citizen Bassem Ali, a locomotive driver who was coming from Aden, was stopped by a Houthi security point in the "Rahda" area of Taiz Governorate on the tenth of Ramadan, and imposed on him a huge amount under the name of zakat, "3500 riyals for each bag of jalapenos so the owner of the locomotive told them that it was still goods that have not had one year according to Islamic law; Because it is not for sale yet.

However, the Houthi militia refused to allow him to pass without paying the amount, so he was forced to pay, and continued his way to the "Dhamar" point, where another Houthi point stopped him and its members asked him to pay "5 thousand riyals for each bag.

" The owner of the locomotive says: “I told them that I had paid in the previous point in Al-Rahda and declared the deed to them.

The supervisor of the point told me, “This is with us and we have nothing to do with them, and you will be forced to pay.” So I told him how much I will sell the bag to the citizen like this?! He said, “Sell at whatever price, we don't mind.” And he adds: I had to sell the bag with an increase of 8,000, or 18,000 thousand, after it was 10,000 riyals, and all this looting is done in the name of religion, which is supposed to be in the month of mercy and feeling the condition of people.

Harassment in mosques

During Ramadan, citizens in Houthi-controlled areas complain about the group using mosques to chew qat, dance on "Zamil", sleep, eat and drink, in addition to opening loudspeakers during the group's leader's speech every night for a full hour without any regard for the sanctity of mosques designated for prayer and worship.

Abdullah Khaled says, "The Houthis expel worshipers during Tarawih prayers for the purpose of listening to Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi's sermons, and every day we are harassed in the houses of God."

Also about that, Nasser Saleh says, last Tuesday at the time of Tarawih prayer, we were surprised by voices, horns, laughter and dances inside the mosque, and when the imam greeted us, we turned back and found armed elements of the Houthi group dancing on their shawls without respecting the sanctity of the mosque.

Booby-trapping children's minds

 The Houthi group multiplies the spread of its sectarian ideology in Ramadan through the so-called "Ramadan circles" in mosques, and it attracts children from various directorates of Sana'a governorate, the majority of which are from "Bani al-Harith, Bani Hashish, Hamedan, Sanhan, Bani Matar and Haraz" through dozens of buses that transport them from their districts and villages and return to pick them up after week.

According to informed sources, these circles are spread in the major mosques in Sana’a, including 22 Ramadan circles for children in the Great Mosque in Sana’a, 16 circles in Al-Saleh Mosque in Al-Sabeen area, and 14 circles in Al-Bakiria Mosque in Shu’ub area.

Observers consider these circles as centers for brainwashing and funerals for children, filling their heads with hatred and anger against the companions and scholars of the nation, and they are unlike the moderate thought that Yemeni society enjoys.

The imam of a mosque in Sana'a, who asked not to be named, says, "The child in those circles receives Iranian-Persian ideas that make him hate his parents and his family and wish to die for the interests of the Houthi family."


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