Ministry of Industry condemns continued Houthi starvation policy against civilians

Ministry of Industry condemns continued Houthi starvation policy against civilians

The Ministry of Industry and Trade condemned, in the strongest terms, the Houthi militia's continued use of the policy of starvation as a weapon to confront the besieged civilians in the government-held city of Taiz in particular and the areas under the militia's control in general.

 In a statement, the ministry called on the international organizations operating in Yemen to pay attention to these inhumane practices, monitor them and inform the international community of them to play its role in preventing the worsening of the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

The ministry pointed out that the immoral approach adopted by the Houthi militia in its aggression against the Yemeni people illustrates the criminal nature of this militia and its rejection of calls for peace and the efforts being made to achieve a political settlement in Yemen.

 In its statement, the ministry said, "We are following up on the flagrant violation of citizens in Houthi-controlled areas that threatens the lives of millions without regard for the sanctity of the holy month, in light of the terrorist militia's detention of hundreds of trucks loaded with flour, the latest of which was the detention of 180 trucks nearly a month ago in the area of
Al-Rahda, the southern entrance to Taiz Governorate, which the militia turned into a new illegal tax collection point to loot merchants' money and raise the prices of food commodities for citizens.

 The ministry said, "What the militia is doing by preventing the passage of food trucks to the governorates under its control is a war crime against humanity.

 The international community must intervene and put pressure on the militia because it uses food as a weapon and punishment against the Yemeni people, which heralds a catastrophe that the militia is not aware of its repercussions, and this blockade and prevention comes after
the recklessness of the militia's actions to blow up the banking financial system on which all internal and external transactions are based.

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