UN team completes investigation into smuggling of weapons to Houthis

UN team completes investigation into smuggling of weapons to Houthis

An investigation team affiliated with the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee has completed the task of tracking arms smuggling operations to the Houthi militia, collecting evidence related to seized shipments, and investigations with those involved in those operations.

This coincided with another UN team from the Office of Crime and Narcotics, completing the investigation and collecting evidence about drug smuggling, and strengthening the Coast Guard and border crossings.

Two Yemeni officials told Asharq Al-Awsat that a team from the Sanctions Committee had completed an investigation mission in the governorates of Aden, Hadramout and Al-Mahra, which focused on arms shipments that were seized in cooperation with the international coalition before they reached the Houthi militia.

The team reviewed the investigations conducted by the Yemeni security services with the arrested elements, and those involved in those operations, as well as the details of those shipments and their source, as well as the military communications devices and drones that were seized when trying to smuggle them through the “Shahn” port in Al-Mahra Governorate, inside commercial shipments. .

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