Measles disease reappears in Houthi-held Ibb amid information blackout

Measles disease reappears in Houthi-held Ibb amid information blackout

Medical sources said that the measles epidemic has re-emerged and dozens of infected cases have been recorded in Ibb Governorate, which is under the control of the coup militia.

The sources confirmed that the governorate's hospitals received many cases with symptoms of measles during the past few weeks.

The sources, which preferred not to be disclosed as a result of the restrictions imposed on them by the Houthi terrorist militia, indicated that not all cases of measles had been vaccinated against the deadly childhood diseases.

According to the sources, the Houthi militia in the Health and Population Office issued directives to hospitals to prevent any talk about the existence of the disease, or referring to it, and threatened penalties for those who violated its directives.

The sources warned of an increase in the number of infections with measles, paralysis, diphtheria and other fatal diseases, as a result of the systematic incitement against vaccinations, calling for the intensification of campaigns again with the aim of vaccinating children.

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