Houthis loot millions of dollars from "agriculture" and "handicapped" revenues

Houthis loot millions of dollars from "agriculture" and "handicapped" revenues

The Houthi coupist militia seized millions of dollars from the proceeds of the Farmers' Encouragement Funds, Teachers' Support, and the Handicapped Care Fund, to finance its sectarian activities, at a time when hundreds of thousands of employees in areas under its control live without salaries for the seventh year in a row, and millions of Yemenis are threatened with famine.

 According to informed sources, the militias seized the revenues of the Farmers' Encouragement Fund, more than $17 million in the revenues of the Teachers' Support Fund, and part of the revenues of the Disabled Care Fund to finance sectarian activities.

 It turned out - according to the sources - that an amount of more than one hundred million riyals was spent from the “Fund to Support and Encourage Agricultural Production”, as a contribution to holding sectarian events and festivals in violation of the law and outside the functions of the fund, and an amount of 50 million riyals was also disbursed from the same fund under the name of performance support
Ministry of Education exams.

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