Taiz: Althawrah Hospital slams report of Amnesty International

Taiz: Althawrah Hospital slams report of Amnesty International

The administration of Althawrah Hospital in Taiz city has slammed a report which has recently issued by Amnesty International, affirming that it was never used as a military barrack.

It strongly denied the allegations of Amnesty International, reiterating that no any armed group existed inside the hospital. 

It also denied that the hospital was closed down by the Popular Resistance due to the treatment of three wounded Houthi fighters as Amnesty's International's report claimed.    

It citied that the report did touch on the crimes committed by Houthis, making clear that the hospital was bombed, burnt and its ambulances were also targeted by the Houthis.  

The Houthis prevented the delivery of medicines and other medical equipment supplies to the hospital, it added. 

Althwrah Hospital stressed that it receives all wounded people without any exclusions, pointing out that it adheres to all humanitarian and moral principles .

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