Bereaved child wants to stay with father in jail

Bereaved child wants to stay with father in jail

 "Allow me to stay with my father".. this is a cry of a five –year female child, Tawkol al-Mansouri, who is bereaved because her father has been being  detained by the Houthis for about a year and a half .

 After a short visit to his father, a journalist who was detained while covering a journalistic work, Tawkol al-Mansouri refused to return home with her mother, grandmother and grandfather, and appealed to them to allow her staying with her pale-face detained father in jail. 

This is a story about the suffering of the al-Mansouri family that its member, Tawfeeq, oppressively pay the price of being a journalist. 

Many families told to Alsahwah Net about the suffering of their members held inside cells of the Houthis. 

The family of the detained journalist, Tawfeeq al-Mansouri, is longing to visit her son held in a Houthi cell after they were deprived from visiting him for months. 

Tawkol , his mother, grandmother, grandfather and other members of the family were running to the jail, yearning to hug Tawfeeq after they were prevented from visiting him for a long period. 

Eman al-Mansouri, sister of Tawfeeq al-Masouri,  bitterly spoke about difficult moments she along with her family lived when they were deprived of visiting Tawfeeq. 

"My mother hugged Tawfeeq, smelled him and touched all his body to find out his pains" she said." It is the eagerness of a bereaved mother who has missed her son for months".

Tawkol, the daughter of al-Mansouri, get out of the jail while she was crying and appealing to stay with her father inside the jail. 

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