Islah Secretary General congratulates Kuwait on its National Day

Islah Secretary General congratulates Kuwait on its National Day

The Secretary-General of the Yemeni Islah Party, Mr. Abdul Wahhab Al-Ansi, sent a cable of congratulations to the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to our country, Falah Al-Hajraf, on the occasion of the National Day of the State of Kuwait.

Al-Ansi expressed his sincere congratulations and blessings to Ambassador Al-Hajraf, and through him to the brotherly leadership, government and people of Kuwait, on the National Day and the anniversary of Liberation Day, wishing Kuwait to achieve further growth and development, in addition to the achievements it is witnessing today that have strengthened its prominent role and its regional and international status.

He expressed great appreciation for the depth of brotherly relations between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples in Yemen and Kuwait, highly appreciating Kuwait's tangible developmental and humanitarian roles in supporting Yemen at this particular stage, and in various stages and circumstances, expressing his hope that these relations will grow stronger and more solid.

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