Young girl killed by Houthi landmine in central Yemen

Young girl killed by Houthi landmine in central Yemen


A young girl was killed by a landmine blast in central Yemen on Wednesday, the latest of thousands of civilian victims of landmines the terrorist Houthi militia have indiscriminately planted across the country.

Sources in Al-Beidha governorate said 15-year-old Zuhoor Alfaraji was killed when she stepped on a landmine while shepherding goats in Nate'a district in Al-Beidha.

Thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed or maimed by Houthi landmines in different parts of the country over the past eight years alone.

Yemen government sources say the militia have planted over two million landmines, a concentration higher than that in any other world country since WWII, and hundreds of thousands of these mines will still be a threat lying in wait for more generations to come. 

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