Civilian detainee and soldier die of torture in Houthi-run jail

Civilian detainee and soldier die of torture in Houthi-run jail

A civilian and a military detainee captured soldier from Yemen's central Al-Bayda governorate died of torture in the prisons of the terrorist Houthi militia in the capital, Sana'a, a rights group has said.

Equality Organization for Rights and Freedoms said in a statement today it had learnt yesterday, Friday, from the family of civilian detainee, Munassar bin Hussein bin Sheikh Al-Rasas (40 years), on their relative's death under horrific torture in a Houthi militia-run prison, just 7 months after he was kidnapped from his home in the district of Maswara to the north of Sana'a.

The statement stated that the family had received Houthi promises to release Munassar last Thursday, and when they went to the prison to receive him, to their shock, the terrorist militia told them that Munassar had died in his detention cell and that they had to receive his body, which the family refused, accusing the militia of eliminating him.

The statement indicated that the organization received a similar report from the family of the soldier in the Yemeni army, Hadi Hussein Salem Al-Saw’i (26 years), from Al-Nu’man district yesterday, indicating the death of Hadi under horrific Houthi torture, a year and a half after his captivity.

Equality organization's statement pointed out that torture in Houthi jails usually ends up in the death of prisoners.

Source: Saba

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