Houthi terrorists mass bury dozens of civilian detainees, call them 'unidentified bodies'

Houthi terrorists mass bury dozens of civilian detainees, call them 'unidentified bodies'

Houthis acknowledged today they had buried a new group of unidentified bodies in the governorates of Hodeidah and Dhamar, amidst suspicions the terrorist militia had physically eliminated them in detention facilities.


Rights groups reports had just unveiled that the Houthi militia kidnapped about 16,804 civilians since the September 2014 coup of whom 4,201 people are still in detention centers.


The militia claim two mass burial operations involving 89 bodies in the two governorates have been implemented under the militia's self-styled Public Prosecution Office and in coordination "with the International Committee of the Red Cross" as these bodies were in the morgues of government hospitals.

In late October, the Houthi militia announced the inauguration of what it described as the first phase of burying 28 bodies of unidentified persons in the Houthi hijacked capital, Sana'a. According to informed sources in the hijacked capital, Sana'a, the militia are carrying out burials for these bodies, which they claim are unknown, in terms of affording morgue spaces for the militia's slain fighters killed during intermittent confrontations at the frontlines. The militia's burial of unknown bodies in Al-Hodeidah governorate coincided with several accusations leveled by human rights activists and media professionals that it had dug mass graves for dozens of civilians who died under torture in the militia-run jails spread throughout the militia's areas of control in north Yemen.

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