Islah: The strategy of national partnership and renunciation of exclusion (2-2)

Islah: The strategy of national partnership and renunciation of exclusion (2-2)


 Since the Houthi militia set foot in the capital, Sana'a, and its armed elements seized the government headquarters and institutions, extended their control over military camps, and confiscated the state's weapons of all kinds, light, medium, and heavy, the Yemeni Islah Party realized the graveness of the problem and sensed that there was an urgent need to unify ranks and rhetoric, and made strenuous efforts toward that. By making concessions, working to bring points of view closer, and presenting a conciliatory speech that does not exclude any of the partners in defending unity and the republic by all means. The Islah party is considered one of the most prominent active parties in Yemen in defending the state and supporting the government, as it remained coherent in its organizational structure and political position regarding the Houthi militia's coup against the legitimate authority in 2014 AD, in addition to being the only party that did not witness a division regarding its clear and consistent national position. Those who reject the Houthi coup, support the return of the state and legitimacy, and the resumption of the participatory political process as the right path that should not be deviated from. Freedom from holding conflicts This was confirmed by the head of the Supreme Authority of the Yemeni Islah Party, Professor Muhammad al-Yadumi, in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the party, by saying: "We affirm the Islah's firm position regarding the national partnership in the present and the future to face the challenges the country is going through, especially the Iranian-backed Houthi coup, and liberation from all complexes and legacy left by past conflicts between the national forces and components in their various forms, so that efforts can be combined to save the nation's ship from sinking in the quagmire of fragmentation. At the same time, he called to "stop delusions of any party's ability to cancel or exclude any national component, as this will multiply the problems and lay the foundation for more chaos that harms the inclusive project, the security and stability of Yemen and its Gulf and Arab surroundings, and national and international security in favor of Iranian hegemony projects and the rest of the extremist groups." and terrorism.” And it stressed the call for a unified position on such issues, partnership, cooperation and integration to save Yemen from its current state, especially since "the reality of Yemen and its political and social structure do not accept in any way the exclusive hold of political decision by any single party, so the principle of partnership stipulated in the reform literature has been confirmed by it." The facts of the events and the evidence of the practical experience, which made it a solid approach in the party's policy from the first moment.

The price of position

Despite the dangers surrounding the Islah party as a political party, and threatening its members and institutions after the Houthi coup against the legitimate government, the Islah Party sided with the legitimacy and its constitutional institutions, and formed with the rest of the partisan and political forces and components a national alliance of parties supporting the legitimacy, and remained throughout the past years with its supporters and broad bases supportive to the state and legitimacy in all fields, in addition to standing firmly against small agendas that tried to detract from legitimacy to achieve narrow goals and interests, and made strenuous efforts in order to unify the national ranks to confront the Houthi putschists. The Islah party paid a heavy price for this clear and declared national position regarding its rejection of the coup and its standing with the legitimacy and the alliance that it announced from the first day of the coup and which has remained steadfast in it until this moment. And its activists in the capital, Sana’a, within one day, just hours after the party announced its support for Operation Decisive Storm, in addition to the storming of 17 homes of Islah leaders and activists, and nine of the party’s headquarters that were subjected to widespread looting, not to mention the thousands of its supporters who were targeted with kidnapping, enforced disappearance, persecution and displacement, and hundreds of homes, headquarters and institutions affiliated with the party were demolished and confiscated, according to local and human rights reports.

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