From city centers to the countryside: Houthi militia expand looting citizens' real estate

From city centers to the countryside: Houthi militia expand looting citizens' real estate


Until the last days of 2022, Muhammad Ezz El-Din's mother was living with her children after she lost her husband in the Maqbana district, west of Taiz Governorate, but after that, the family’s life turned into hell. As the Houthi leaders took advantage of their going to the Al-Hawban area, stormed the house and seized it. According to local sources, on the twenty-second of last December, the woman went to a hospital in the Al-Hawban area, where the eastern entrance to the city of Taiz, but the Houthi leader took advantage of the opportunity, and broke the locks of the house and occupied and disposed of it, as if the house belonged to him.

When she returned, the Houthis broke her several promises to vacate her house, but that has not happened even though about a month has passed since the storming incident.

 Residents of the district, which is under the control of the Houthi rebels, say that the Houthi militants found the woman, who is in her sixth decade of life, too vulnerable and a luring victim unable to restore the house if taken from her.  The locals say the Houthi key militants in the district now intervene in the issue, not for the purpose of restituting the house back to the woman, but to calm down the local sentiments surrounding the issue.

A few days after this incident, Houthi leaders in Ibb governorate were carrying out another robbery of the residents' property in the countryside, where the Houthi leader, Abdul Hamid Al-Ameisy, accompanied by large forces, laid the ground on land owned by Ghaleb Ismail in the Jabal Tha'ra area in Yarim district, after which he threw the owner of the land in prison with the support and complicity of the director general of the Yarim district, the Houthi leader Muhammad al-Darwani, and the director of the district's security, whose nickname is "Abu Attan". Tribal sources confirm that after the Houthis completed seizing the property and homes of their opponents in the city centers and expanding towards the countryside, they are now fabricating justifications that they have not used before as the coup militia sent several armed patrols to the village of Al-Jahiliya in the Hamedan district on the outskirts of the capital under the pretext of searching for weapons that they suspect are in some residences. The sources indicate that some of the residents, who had a position opposed to the coup and sectarian tendencies, became victims of rumors and reports of militia informants with the aim of settling scores with them or seizing their property, as the prosecutions expanded, and military patrols roamed the village, raiding their homes and farms.

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