Islah: Guardian of the republic's values, the firmness of the state, and the condition of politics

Islah: Guardian of the republic's values, the firmness of the state, and the condition of politics

The birth of the Yemeni Islah Party was the most prominent political event after the achievement of Yemeni unity, because an exceptional political party was announced on Yemeni soil.

However, it was not the result of that moment that came as a culmination of the efforts of the Yemeni reform movement that were initiated by the first pioneers. It is, according to the announcement issued by it on the 26th anniversary of its founding, "a Yemeni political party with origins and roots, which constitutes an extension of the historical Yemeni reform movement in thought and behavior in all parts of Yemen."

According to Article (1) of Chapter One/Chapter One of the party's statute, it is a popular, political organization that seeks reform in all aspects of life, on the basis of the principles and rulings of Islam, and takes all legitimate means to achieve his goals.

In one of its general conferences at the end of the last millennium, the Assistant Secretary of the General People's Congress, Dr. Abd al-Malik Mansour describes the Islah party in a speech to him as a "party that was born giant," because the Islah party combined elitism and the masses, and included in its ranks all groups, segments and sectors of the Yemeni people, based on the values and principles of the Yemeni people and their national and creed constants, in harmony with these values and principles at present in all Yemeni regions. And while the national concern was the priority of the Islah party since its announcement on September 13, 1990, the party continued its institutional building and the consolidation of democratic political action within its frameworks, and this was reflected in the regular convening of its general conferences , the continuous renewal of its leadership, the expansion of the base of popular participation, and the giving of women a greater role.

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