Islah party mourns Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, the national figure and one of the party's leaders and founders

Islah party mourns Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, the national figure and one of the party's leaders and founders

 The Yemeni Islah party mourned Sheikh Sadiq bin Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Ahmar, who passed away on Friday, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, after an incurable disease, condoling the entire Yemeni people.


The Supreme Commission for Reform confirmed, in an obituary statement, that the homeland lost, with this sad departure, a distinguished Yemeni figure who had an active and honorable presence in difficult historical moments.

The statement said that Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar is a personality that grew from the depths of the people and stood with its causes with great courage.

He referred to the loss of the Yemeni tribe, which lost its pillar and one of its flags and symbols, touching on the merits of the deceased, who was one of the best men in morals and humility, tolerant in dealings, close to people, honest and courageous in telling the truth, pure in heart.

The Islah statement noted that the deceased remained, throughout his life, a courageous republican and a patriotic fighter, following the path of his father, the late great fighter Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar, may God have mercy on him, following his family's struggle against the imamate and priesthood, siding with the people and their causes.

He made it clear that the deceased Sheikh did not abandon this path until his death, and he departed while he was steadfast in the values and principles of the Republic, rejecting the remnants of the Imamate.

The Supreme Commission for Reform expressed its sadness as it mourned this national figure and one of the leaders and founders of the Islah Party.


The Islah Party extended its sincere condolences and sympathy to Sheikh Himyar bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar, Sheikh Hamid bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar, all the brothers of the deceased, all the Al-Ahmar family, the Hashid tribe, and the Yemeni people in general, asking the Almighty God to bless the deceased with the his mercy, to dwell him in his spacious gardens, and to accept him among the righteous.

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