Islah's positions in 2022: Supporting the state to defeat the coup and welcoming peace efforts

Islah's positions in 2022: Supporting the state to defeat the coup and welcoming peace efforts

Supporting the state and the legitimate authority against the Houthi coup is one of the principled positions of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (the Islah) party since the coup of the theocratic militias against the state on September 21, 2014 until today.

 The Islah party believes that restoring the state and ending the coup is the most important pillar of security and stability in Yemen and the region, and ending the Houthi coup represents a severe blow to Iran It will reduce its influence and expansion in the region, and will constitute a great frustration for its militias that ignite strife and wars in other Arab countries. The coup of the Houthi militia resulted in great tragedies that continue to unfold until today, and the Legitimacy Support alliance had a major role in curbing the terrorist Houthi militia, which seeks to control all parts of Yemen, and establish a tyrannical imami rule that mixes the rule of the priestly imamate in Yemen. In the past, between the regime of the Wali al-Faqih in Iran, and thus made Yemen a hotbed of tension threatening the entire region through the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Red Sea. In view of this, the Yemeni Islah Party believes that ending the Houthi coup and cutting off Iran's hand in Yemen is a crucial and strategic issue for all Yemenis and Arabs, and that any complacency regarding the Houthi coup will have dire consequences, as similar coups will follow in the region, because the Houthis' seizure of power and the exclusion of all parties and the components will motivate sectarian militias in other countries to turn against the fragile partnership in power and try to monopolize it completely, such as Iraq and Lebanon, and the consequent outbreak of ugly civil wars, the fragments of which may reach other countries that have not witnessed similar conflicts and wars.

Blessing the army's victories in Shabwa. On February 7, 2022, the Yemeni Islah Party blessed the victories achieved by the army forces and the giants in the Bayhan district of Shabwa governorate. The deputy head of the Islah Party's media department, Adnan al-Audaini, said, in a tweet on Twitter, that there is great joy from the Balak to Bayhan, the size of the pain of Iran's tails, adding: "With every defeat of the Houthis, Yemen shines in us." The deputy head of Al-Islah media saluted the brave soldiers on all fronts in the face of the Iranian Houthi militia, hours after the army, giants and resistance forces liberated the Beihan district. These victories came a few days after the liberation of the Asilan district, which was cleared of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. Welcoming the launch of Operation "Happy Freedom of Yemen" On January 11, 2022, the Yemeni Islah Party welcomed the launch of the "Happy Freedom of Yemen" operation, which was announced by the alliance's speaker .The deputy head of the media department of the Yemeni Islah party, Adnan al-Audaini, praised all kinds of support provided by the brothers for the success of the operation. He affirmed the Islah party's aspiration for the great battle of the Yemenis to liberate every inch of the precious homeland from the Iranian Houthi militia. Al-Audaini expressed, in tweets on Twitter, his thanks for the men's arms among the army's heroes with its multiple brigades, as well as for the resistance men. Al-Audaini saluted the armed forces with all their units as they waged their national battle against Tehran's mercenaries, in Ma'rib and Shabwa, referring to the heroic epics that the heroes waged for the freedom of the people and the restoration of their state.


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