Islah expresses surprise at Al-Awadhi's baseless claims

Islah expresses surprise at Al-Awadhi's baseless claims

The Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party today expressed surprise over Aljawf's newly appointed governor's baseless accusations that the Islah obstructed the handover of responsibilities to him.

In a facebook post on Thursday, Brig Hussein Al-Awadhi had accused the Islah of rejecting his appointment by the "presidential council" and disallowing to run the governorate.

An official source in the Islah responded, via a statement to Alsahwa, with a denial of the "false claims" saying the party has obstructed no appointments by the presidential council.

"Al-Awadh should have turned his [Facebook] post to a call for all the people of Aljawf to stand united in the face of … Houthis instead of seeking to sow discord within the anti-Houthi national ranks," read the statement.

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