Children killed and wounded by Houthi landmine in east Yemen

Children killed and wounded by Houthi landmine in east Yemen

Two young brothers were killed and a young girl sustained critical wounds in the blast of a landmine laid by the terrorist Houthi militia in eastern Yemen's Marib governorate on Tuesday, sources have said.

The Yemeni Observatory on Landmines said Ubad Abdullah Almuradi and his brother Salem were killed and a female child was critically wounded in the explosion of a landmine in Rahoom area at Rahabah district, south of Marib.


On the other side of the country (the western governorate of Hodeidah), a child had died and another was injured earlier in the day in a similar landmine blast.


Houthi landmines have killed and maimed thousands of people most of them civilians since the start of the latest conflict (2015-to present).


Yemen government sources say the militia have planted over two million landmines, a concentration higher than that in any other world country since WWII, and hundreds of thousands of these mines will still be a threat lying in wait for the coming generations unless removed.  

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