Hunger has Sana'a residents search for food in garbage

Hunger has Sana'a residents search for food in garbage

By Abdullah Abu al-Hassan

The humanitarian situation and hunger in Yemen's Houthi militant-controlled capital Sana'a is so severe that many people especially women are seen searching for food in garbage heaps and waste bins.

Making the rounds on social media are pictures of women in Shumayla area, south of Sana'a, as they rummage through garbage to find something for their families to eat.

Houthi leaders controlling Sana'a and most of Yemen's north have been profiteering off of Yemen's war they triggered, systematically stealing food aid meant for starving Yemenis, selling the aid on the black market and using it to lure new recruits to the frontlines.

International reports say 19 million Yemenis, the majority of the population, are food insecure.

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