'The UN is an accomplice to Houthis in landmines and in killing and injuring thousands of Yemenis'

'The UN is an accomplice to Houthis in landmines and in killing and injuring thousands of Yemenis'

Several rights organizations have accused the United Nations and its agencies in Yemen of supporting the terrorist Shiit Houthis with planting landmines and killing and injuring thousands of civilians in the country.

The National Organization for Defense of Rights and Freedoms, Shahed Organization, Yemen Rights Organization, My Freedom, and Eye Organization documented in a report unveiled on Monday 15 financial grants the UNDP, UNMAHA and other agencies offered to the Shiit terror group under humanitarian banners including landmine removal!

The report, entitled "Supporting Death: [UN] Partnership  in Crimes", said the grants amounted to USD 167,221,136 in the years from 2016-2022. The funds include the first phase of the so-called UN's Emergency Mine Action intervention, an annual lump sum and impromptu grants.

The report documented that the UNMHA provided through the UNDP 420 modern cars consisting of 20 four-wheeler pickups and 400 enclosed cars to the terror group in Hodeidah.

The report also documented 60 activities and events funded by the UNICEF and other UN tools in support of the militia, including 46 training courses to Houthi terrorists in alleged campaigning on the dangers of landmines and 14 direct "awareness campaigns" in Saadah, Hajjah, Hodeidah, Sana'a city, Taiz, Raymah, Al-Beidha, Mahweet, Marib, Amran and Al-Jawf governorates.

The report said the UN supports the Houthis in spite of the fact that the Houthi militia has planted - in the past eight years - two million landmines in Yemen, the largest number planted in a single country since WWII. So far 3024 civilians have been killed and 4231 others have been maimed and tens of thousands of landmines are still a danger lying in wait for the coming generations!.

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