'Taiz: Houthis commit second children massacre within hours': Press summary

'Taiz: Houthis commit second children massacre within hours': Press summary

  1. Heavy bombardment by the Houthi armed group severed the legs of three children in the Old Airport neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz on Sunday afternoon. Hours later the militants committed another massacre against civilians in the same neighborhood killing 35 year old man by the name Yahsem Al-Amiri and critically wounding his children Sami and Ameer./Multiple websites
  2. Houthi shelling on Taiz city today increases civilian casualty toll to six most of them children/Bawabati website
  3. Several activists condemn the Houthi genocide against dozens children with the use of expired leukemia medicines./Multiple websites
  4. Two men were killed and a third was wounded in Houthi heavy shelling in the southern Yemen governorate of Lahj/24 Post
  5. The Yemeni rial continues to lose value in the [S*T*C mi*lit*ia-controlled] south Yemen./multiple websites
  6. Houthis are amassing forces in preparation for more battles/Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. Houthis have committed 21 thousand abuses of children in four years/Al-Rashad Press
  8. A man has been killed and his family members were wounded in a second Houthi shelling in western Taiz/26 September
  9. How Houthis have used real estates to effect demographic and sectarian changes in Sana'a/ The Islah website


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