Information Minster: We seek to release English-speaking media

Information Minster: We seek to release English-speaking media

The Yemeni Information Minster Muamar al-Eryani has said that his ministry is seeking to release an English-speaking newspapers and a TV channel with the aim of briefing the international community with violations committed by the Houthi-Saleh militias against the Yemeni people.

In a statement to Alsharq al-Awsat newspaper, he said that the ministry needs $20 million to reconstruct its sectors which were misused and destroyed by the putschists.

Al-Eryani added that the ministry has started first steps to implement a strategy to address the West through the Yemeni news agency’s release of a number of news stories in English and Yemen TV’s broadcast of English language programs after midnight.

According to the Ministry of Information, the number of pro-legitimacy newspapers issued in Yemen is around 30, in addition to seven television channels, including two state-run channels. The number of employees in the Ministry is estimated at 10,000.


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