Houthi militants storm more than 20 houses in Sana'a: Press summary

Houthi militants storm more than 20 houses in Sana'a: Press summary

  1. The Houthi militia have stormed more than 20 houses to kidnap and kill men and terrorize women and children in Saref , a Sana'a outskirt, since last Thursday.

The terrorist militia are seeking to usurp the citizen's properties      especially lands and to do so are encircling the area with dozens of patrol cars and armored vehicles with a cover from drones. The mlitia have so far killed two men and a tribal chieftain and wounded and kidnapped dozens others. /Multiple websites

  1. Unknown gunmen kidnapped a gold jewelry shopkeeper north of Aden/Alsahwa Net website
  2. A child lost his two legs as he stepped on a Houthi-laid landmine in Aldorayhimi area in Hodeidah governorate/Crater Sky
  3. A bigoted Houthi militant assassinated a young man (Ayman Al-Olofi) in Sana'a today to demonstrate revenge over the history of the young man's grandfather as a freedom fighter against the Houthi's theocratic ancestors who ruled Yemen before 1962. The Houthi militant Abdulkarim Almarani shot Ayman al-Olofi dead and wounded two others. The crime comes hours after the assassination of Dirhem Al-Hakimi an activist supporting the 1962 revolution against theocracy/Multiple websites
  4. More than 8000 cases of infection with dengue fever have been recorded in Taiz since the beginning of 2020, an official at the Health Ministry has said/Yemen Monitor
  5. The Houthi militia launch a fierce attack on the army's positions in Han mountain west of the besieged government-held city of Taiz. The army repelled the attack/Yeni Yemen


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