Houthis and their benefactors

Houthis and their benefactors

By Ahmed Abdulmalik Al-Maqrami

Even though Houthis never honor agreements, admittedly they never forget the favors done to them by their benefactors, provided that these benefactors are neither Yemenis nor Arabs.

Houthis [in 2013] remained unable to expand outside their Saada stronghold toward the neighboring Amran province for months, despite the Iranian support with weapons, until more benefactors (countries of different languages, currencies, schemes and proxies) stepped in bringing with them more weapons and more tricks.

Houthis were unappreciative for some of those benefactor (Ara.b) countries humiliating and annihilating many of their people.

Admittedly again, they have not forgotten the favors of non-Yemeni and non-Arab benefactors as they remain to regard them with reverence, no matter how Houthis chant adversarial slogans against them in public to hide the truth of alliance with those clandestine masters as privately agreed between them, a game exposed since early time even prior to Houthi grant of a Torah manuscript to the Zionists.

This article  mocks the "concern" that the benefactors and masters of Houthis often express in different occasions including toward the latest Houthi threats to strike oil companies and international shipping vessels.

I am saying Yemenis understand the fooling remarks exchanged between the benefactors and Houthi beneficiaries as easily as the ordinary masses understand the trips and remarks of the UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg who boards a special flight to Sana'a Airport and comes back to tell us what we already know: that Houthis have refused to extend the truce." The envoy has come back to convey new stipulations (from Houthis and benefactors), stipulations that aim to insult the Yemenis' intelligence.

The UN envoy as a helpless man employed to act like a spearhead on the benefactors' behalf speaks for them, saying there is no leverage over the Iranian terrorist militia of Houthis!!

Well, if you, as a UN, have no leverage over Houthis, then why do you call us to engage in peace negotiations with a terrorist organization that does not believe in peace?!

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