Eight civilians wounded as Houthi terrorists bomb their car with drones: Press summary

Eight civilians wounded as Houthi terrorists bomb their car with drones: Press summary

  1. Eight civilians were seriously wounded as Houthi terrorists bombed their car with a drone rocket in Shameer area in Yemen's central Taiz province today. The casualties come a day after two child sisters were wounded by a Houthi landmine in the besieged provincial capital and hours after the injury of six civilians by Houthi bombardment of Al-Hamra village in Hodeidah province. /Multiple websites
  2. Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms condemns the Houthi non-stopping atrocities in Taiz calling them war crimes./Alsahwa Net website.
  3. The army shoots down a Houthi drone in Marib/Multiple websites
  4. A bigoted Houthi militant kills his father and brother and then gets killed by his youngest brother in [central Yemen's] Beidha province, it was reported today. Brainwashed Houthi militants killing near relatives is increasingly becoming a common crime in the Houthi militia's areas of control./Multiple websites.
  5. A young man named Bashar Al-Baadani was killed by Houthi terrorists manning a checkpoint in Taiz today as he was coming back home from outside the country. /Taiz Time
  6. Marib governor and member of the leadership council Sultan al-Erada says, "We will not stay with arms crossed as Houthis continue to escalate the war"/Yeni Yemen
  7. A man in his thirties committed suicide by hanging – tying a noose to a roof of one high-rise building in Sana'a and tightening the other end of the noose around his neck and jumping./Crater Sky


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