'Peace can't be realized without Houthis' defeat'

'Peace can't be realized without Houthis' defeat'


Press summary

  1. Peace cannot be realized without Houthis defeat and without ending their coup d'état, the chief of staff of the Yemeni army Lt. Gen. Saghir bin Aziz said on Monday/26 September (the Defense Ministry's news website)
  3. Explosions ring through Sana'a city as the terrorist Houthi militia fail to launch ballistic missiles today/Multiple websites

  4. Former presidential advisor Abdulmalik Almikhlafi says in a tweet the international community is required to play tough with Houthis after years of pampering the militia.

  5. The Yemeni currency (rial) begins to lose value again after the expiry of the truce and resumed army-Houthi fighting/Multiple websites
  7. The Yemen Maritime Affairs Authority headquartered in Aden has issued a circular illegalizing any dealings and transactions with its branch office in Hodeidah which is under the coup Houthi militia's control. /Almashehad Alkhaleeji.
  9. The Yemeni army downed a Houthi drone in Raghwan frontline west of Marib on Monday evening as the terrorist militia resumed drone and ground attacks on the government-held city./Multiple websites.
  11. The Houthi militia kidnapped journalist Abbad Aljaradi in Sana'a, it was known today three days after he went missing. It is not known why since Aljaradi, like anyone, has not criticized the militia for no one dares to criticize them while living in their areas of control/Multiple sources
  13. A Houthi militant burned his wife and her mother alive to death upon return from a brainwashing curse in the capital Sana'a this week, local sources said on Monday.
  14. The militant, known as Esam Almoqri, reportedly stormed the house of his mother-in-law in Madhbah neigborhood, in Sana'a, and set her and her daughter ablaze, locked them in the room and left, and left them to burn to death, the latest in a series of murder of relatives in Houthi-controlled regions. The man had completed a three-month re-education course laden with bigotry towards the entire society including one's own relatives. A recent report show 161 Yemenis have been shot dead - since early 2021 - by their sons who had been recruited and brainwashed by the terrorist Houthi militia.The report by the Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms said the militia fool young militants to believe that their relatives are merely enemies unless they confirm with the Houthi Shiit theocratic ideology which puts obedience to the militia's leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi before the obedience of one's own parents./The story was gathered from different websites.

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