Yemen: Journalist Yahia al-Jubaihi sentenced to death by Huthi forces

Yemen: Journalist Yahia al-Jubaihi sentenced to death by Huthi forces

Source: Amnesty International

In response to the news that Huthi forces in control of the Yemeni capital Sana’a yesterday sentenced journalist Yahya al-Jubaihi, who has been arbitrarily detained since September 2016, to death for allegedly communicating with Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces, Samah Hadid, Director of Campaigns at Amnesty International’s Beirut Office said:

“The Huthis’ shameful death sentence, after a flagrantly unfair trial, against journalist Yahya al-Jubaihi must immediately be quashed. They must ensure he is retried in proceedings that conform to international fair trial standards and without the possibility of a death sentence, or released.

We are also deeply worried about ten other journalists who have been detained arbitrarily by Huthi forces without charge or trial for nearly two years. They must be allowed regular access to legal representatives and allowed to contact their families. If they are not promptly charged with recognisably criminal offences and prosecuted in fair trials, they must be released without delay.”


Throughout 2015 and into 2016, Amnesty International documented how the Huthis and allied forces, including army units loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, have arbitrarily arrested and detained critics and opponents as well as journalists, human rights defenders and members of the Baha’i community. Scores have been subjected to enforced disappearance.


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