Women’s Dept in Aden's Islah office: Commemorating Islah's founding is a reminder of the importance of politics

Women’s Dept in Aden's  Islah office: Commemorating Islah's founding is a reminder of the importance of politics


The Women's Department at the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (Islah) in Aden confirmed that Islah is a political and societal force that grew in the soil of this country, and was irrigated with the pain and hopes of its people, and was never an outlandish entity or an imported canned force. The department made these remarks in a statement issued on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the party on September (13, 1990.)


The statement pointed out that this anniversary is a reminder about the importance of politics, and to reaffirm the democracy and the emergence of political pluralism that the country witnessed three decades ago, at a time when militias are trying today to destroy it. The department expressed its pride in this great national political entity, saluting and honoring all the women of the country who demonstrated their presence at this important national juncture, despite the heavy cost and price. I also offered greetings of freedom and peace, greetings to the sacred struggle and free will of all members and supporters of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform in Aden and all corners of the country, as the salutation is extended to all members of our valiant army, and every resister who carried on the principle of struggle and struggle until the restitution of Yemen back to Yemenis, and the defeat of the priestly Houthi militias. The statement stressed that Islah has engaged in a unique political experience in its past three decades, and many honorable national positions in which it has played key roles in providing the requirements of political partnership with political partners. It reaffirmed the role of Islah during the past decades as a pioneer in the struggle and the conveyor of the people's voice and demands for freedom and political and human rights. The statement said it was an Islah "on the side of the people and the national groups, at the forefront of the ranks, in response to the call of religious and national duty for the sake of the homeland and the people's restoration of their state from the terrorist Houthi coup militia." The statement added, "On this glorious day, all greetings to women in Aden and all parts of the country, as they set the most wonderful examples of giving, and sharing of responsibility with men in the struggle, and awareness of their role." It stressed that "the Islahi woman are still at the forefront of the ranks, and are proud of their husbands and brothers, and play a positive role in various political, social, media and educational fields, and exercise their political right inside and outside the party."

The statement on this occasion paid tribute to "the martyrs from the people of Aden and their great battle in the face of the terrorist Houthi militia, and the youth of Islah stood firmly in this battle with the people of Aden and all the patriots." The statement stressed that "the leaders of the Islah Party and its youth came out side by side in the ranks of the popular resistance for the liberation and restoration of the homeland and under the national flag away from all partisan banners." It added, "We also remember on this day the leaders of Islah in Aden and its activists, who were attacked by the hands of treachery, and their blood bled and their innocent souls were taken."

The statement made mention of a number of leading Islah members who were assassinated by the hands of treachery and betrayal in Aden, such as "Shawki Kamadi, Dr. Saleh Halis, Muhammad Al-Shujaina, Fayez Fouad, Bilal Al-Maisari, and many Islahi activists who were affected by the sinister hands of treachery and who are still releasing and frolic without any action taken by the concerned authorities in various their levels".

The statement referred to the Islahi leader, "Zakaria Qassem, who has been kidnapped and disappeared for more than four years, and he is one of Aden's most prominent civilian men and pioneers in community and charitable work."

In this context, the statement stressed that Islah is still a direct target for the agendas that seek to erode civil political action, and a direct target for the forces seeking to impose totalitarianism and dictatorship, and the dominance of one voice at the expense of pluralism and diversity that expresses all political forces and societal entities representing all the people of Aden. It stressed that targeting Islah means targeting all political powers, and tools of civilized political action, and what affects islah does not stop there, of course, but extends to all levers of political action and will harm all parties, unions, political entities and related freedoms of the press and to the last tools of political action.

It reiterated, on this occasion, that Islah finds itself only biased to the interests of the people, who are proud of belonging to and expressing them. The statement affirmed that "the Islah will continue to emphasize all the requirements of the stability and progress of the country and the requirements of a decent life, foremost of which is its political rights and freedoms, and that the principles of justice are achieved for it, and the services it deserves such as security, electricity, health, education and all services related to his living life are available to the people."

The statement called on the authorities, the presidency, the government and the local administration, to make services a priority in their tasks, and to work to address the problem of unemployment that kills hundreds of thousands of deserving job opportunities and behind whom are millions of families under the poverty line and their moaning does not stop because of their continuous suffering due to poverty and destitution and what is worse.

This is due to high prices and a continuous rise in the costs of daily life requirements. The statement raised sincere greetings to all the reform cadres, and to all the honorable sons of the nation, who have the right to be proud of this honorable national affiliation, and this bias that enriched the national soil with the kindness of its people.

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