Relief Coalition warns against humanitarian disaster in Taiz

Relief Coalition warns against humanitarian disaster in Taiz

The Relief Coalition in Taiz governorate has appealed to the Yemeni government,  and local and international organizations to swiftly intervene to deliver humanitarian assistance to the population of Taiz.

The coalition warned against a disaster which may occur in the city of Taiz, expressing surprise as appeals released by different organizations to save Taiz are ignored, stressing that the city has been besieged for months.

It said that hundreds of thousands are under the risk of humanitarian disaster, pointing out that the people face a sharp shortage of food and medicines and other essential commodities.

It also citied that most main hospitals of the city will be closed down at any moment because they lack to functioning budgets, pointing out that some organizations stop providing them with medicines and medical equipment and they have become unable to pay salaries of their staffs.

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