Female Islah leaders: Islah gives women priority and makes them an active element in society

Female Islah leaders: Islah gives women priority and makes them an active element in society

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) Party has attached special attention to women's role in development, education, freedom and political participation alongside men in the party's various departments, and it supports all efforts made by women, and provides all the facilities that women require to achieve success. In a survey on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the party’s founding, we monitored a number of effective and influential women’s leaders’ opinions, in various Yemeni governorates, on the Islah's policy and its interest in Yemeni women, who have become a model for strong and persevering women.

The nation first.

 Amat al-Rahman Aref, a member of the Women's Department in Aden's Islah office, said that Islah has gone through the political experience smoothly over thirty years, believing in the necessity of national partnership to confront all challenges and at various levels. She added, "Islah was and still is keen to participate in political work in light of the national consensus and the democratic system, and we find it in all its political steps that it places the interest of the nation above all interests, and we find it steadfast in its principles since its establishment in giving priority to the interest of the nation over all narrow interests in all its political participation."  Regarding reform’s interest in women, Aref said that women’s work has occupied great importance within the Islah since the beginning of its establishment, believing in women’s political right and national duty. She pointed out that the Islahi woman struggles within a civil political party for the sake of a society of equality and the state of citizenship, as well as making the change that everyone aspires to, and women have borne the burdens of war like men in light of very complex political, economic, social and security turns, through her full belief in the importance of her role that must be played towards the country and society. For her part, Sarah Al-Jabri, Head of the Political Committee of the Women’s Department in the Hadhramaut Coast Islah office, said that belonging to the Islah is a pride for women, as they found in it a wide space to serve the community and the country within a political system that respects women and takes care of their privacy. Training and rehabilitation

She said that showing belonging to Islah despite all attempts at systematic smearing campaigns and in these circumstances, crises and accidents is clear evidence of the correctness of this approach, and I continue to say with a strong voice that Islah is a shield for women and a protector of their rights in general. She called on the Islahi woman to be proud of her affiliation with the party and the prominent role they play in integrating Islahi women actively in all areas of life. In turn, a member of the Women's Department of the Taiz Islah office, Hajar Al-Hujaili, said that Islah has an undeniable role in developing women and liberating them from ignorance and families of inherited customs, noting that recent years have witnessed a wide movement of awareness of the importance of finding mature women, the distinguished model and tributary of the feminist sector of Islah. She added that the Islah gave way to women and effectively contributed through its wide spread and the confidence of the Yemeni people in its members and scholars to change the societal view of women who are preoccupied with public affairs. trade union and political.

A symbol of struggle and sacrifice

 Al-Hujaili expressed her hope that the women’s sector of Islah would become more than a department in the General Secretariat of Islah, and this is what we have witnessed recently from the emergence of successful models in various fields of Yemeni women and in the special framework of women affiliated with the Yemeni Congregation for Reform and at various leadership levels. She emphasized that the woman proved her courageous stand in the face of the Houthi death gangs, despite the assault, psychological persecution and displacement women were subjected to, but they proved that they are a symbol of struggle, sacrifice and redemption. .




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