FAO: Severe Food Insecurity In 8 Houthi-Controlled Yemeni Governorates

FAO: Severe Food Insecurity In 8 Houthi-Controlled Yemeni Governorates

Sunday, 11 September, 2022 - 07:00

Aden - Mohammed Nasser

Eight Houthi-controlled governorates in Yemen suffer from severe food insecurity, according to a household survey released this week by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) through the Data in Emergencies Monitoring System.

“Nearly 54 percent of the households experienced hardships due to food shortages and adopted food consumption-based coping strategies,” the alarming survey revealed, adding that families residing in governorates controlled by Houthi militias frequently adopted coping strategies and were eating less preferred foods and limiting portion size at mealtimes.

The survey showed that those families were borrowing money, buying food on credit, selling household assets and reducing health expenses.

“The proportion of households resorting to emergency coping strategies is alarming and has increased from the previous rounds,” the survey said.

In Hodeidah, Al Jawf, Al Mahwit, Amran, Dhamar, Hajjah, Saadah, Sanaa and Taiz, over one-third of the households resorted to emergency coping strategies.

This fourth-round survey reached 2,452 households through computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) conducted from 29 March to 30 April 2022. Households were surveyed across all 22 governorates of Yemen.

It said that the Hajjah governorate had a high prevalence of food insecurity, hunger and inadequate diet and that Hodeidah, Al Jawf, Al Mahwit, Amran, Dhamar, Ibb and Sanaa had a high prevalence of food insecurity.

FAO’s collected data revealed that 75 percent of livestock producers reported difficulties, including access to feed at the market (67 percent), animal diseases or deaths (35 percent) and access to pasture (30 percent).

It also said that of the producers selling livestock and livestock products, 66 percent faced difficulties.

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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