Islah Party and Combating Terrorism.. The heavy price and countless sacrifices

Islah Party and Combating Terrorism.. The heavy price and countless sacrifices

The phenomenon of terrorism is not only one of the major challenges facing the Yemeni state and political parties, but it also faces the national project that everyone desires, foremost of which is the Yemeni Islah Party, which since its founding on September 13, 1993 and until this moment has paid and continues to pay an expensive bill that claimed lives of its leaders and members at the hands of terrorism and extremist and violent ideologies adopted by terrorist groups and armed gangs, which believe that the Islah Party, with its moderation and popularity throughout the country and its support for the state and the republican system, represents a real threat to their existence.


With its active and positive role aligned with the aspirations of all Yemenis, the Islah Party has been present for thirty-two years in security, stability, development and prosperity, and the fight against extremism and terrorism that has targeted everyone, foremost of which was the Islah Party, which has always wanted a strong state with its institutions. The Islah Party has exerted and is still exerting everything in its power to create and strengthen this state in all stages of the organization, as it believes that the state is the protector from terrorism, and it is also the wall upon which the citizen relies in all his demands and his life.


However, the hateful savagery against the Party has increased in the northern and southern governorates since the Iranian-backed Houthi militia launched its war on the Yemeni people eight years ago, and the subsequent repercussions reached the liberated areas. For example, but not limited to, it is no coincidence that on August 15, 2016, two assassinations were carried out separated by a few hours, the first targeted Saleh Salem Hullays, a former head of the Executive Office and a member of the Shura Council in the Islah Party in Aden, and the second targeted Saleh Ahmed al-Anhami, a member of the Shura Council of the Dhamar Islah Party. Dozens of assassinations of the Party cadres were carried out before and after these two operations.


The first thing we notice here is the position of the Islah Party and the fight against terrorist extremism, where the Party has worked, since its establishment, to include in its various kinds of literature calling for the renunciation of violence, terrorism and the use of military force to impose opinion or thought. The Islah Party has a clear vision regarding this aspect, which was clearly evident in its intellectual, organizational and political programs and activities, and it has been working on embodying and strengthening them through its consistent positions, whether through official statements or through the statements of its various leaders, members and official websites that express it.



Exorbitant cost:


On the national positions of the Islah Party in the face of terrorism, the head of the Al-Rashad Union Party, Dr. Muhammad Musa al-Amiri, told saying, “With its positions and literature in all historic stations, the Islah Party has proven its keenness on national interests, foremost of which are security, stability, territorial integrity and the regional safety of Yemen through its support for the Yemeni state institutions in confronting the scourge of terrorism and extremism, as well as its support for the efforts of the state by supporting the efforts of the security services and the army against imbalances, insurgencies and terrorism.”


On the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the Party’s founding, al-Amiri added, “The Islah Party has been paid a heavy price for its stances, where for the sake of the battle to defend the dreams of Yemenis and restore their state, the Islah Party offered thousands of its best youth and cadres who fell among martyrs, wounded, detainees and displaced. And for that, the Party’s institutions and headquarters have been subjected to looting, confiscation and harasses, especially those resulting from the terrorism practiced by the Houthi coup militias throughout their long history of violence, crime, chaos and undermining security and stability.



- Endless sacrifices:


For his part, Asaad Omar, a member of the Central Committee of the Yemeni Socialist Party, said in a statement he made to the news website on the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the Party’s founding, “It can't be denied the size of the sacrifices made by Islah Party members, as well as the sacrifices of other components of national action or detracting from these sacrifices are in various fields, and they are sacrifices that are respected and appreciated by every jealous patriot.”


On the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the founding of the Party, Amin al-Mashwali, head of the Justice and Building Party branch in Taiz Governorate, pointed out that "the Islah Party sacrificed the best of its members, without detracting from the sacrifices of others, through a series of great sacrifices that it made as a value for its national bill. Yemenis always find this Party is on the side in which the interest of the nation is in, whether in war or peace and with actions and not words, it has proven that it is the Party of the present and the nucleus of the future.


In the same context, a member of the Supreme Committee of the Al-Rashad Union Party, Muhammad al-Samman, told the news website on the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the founding of the Party, "The Islah Party actively stands with the rest of the national parties in the trench of the homeland in order to work on restoring the state and its institutions and fighting the project of the priesthood Imamate in its Iranian Houthi version, and Islah is a leading Party in this and in opposing political tyranny, strengthening Yemeni identity and defending national constants.



- A national issue above partisan considerations:


And the Islah Party’s announcement on the 26th anniversary of its founding had reiterated its “commitment to partnership with other national, regional and international forces under the leadership of the Yemeni authority to fight terrorism in all its forms and sources, intellectually and practically through democracy, education and development, given that terrorism is cancer that does threaten not only the security and stability of Yemen but also the security of the countries of the region and the whole world."


This makes it imperative for all political parties and organizations to unite efforts and consider the fight against terrorism is a national issue above all partisan and factional considerations, and that it is one of the major commonalities for all Yemenis, regardless of their differences. Victory in this fateful battle can only be achieved by adhering to the major national goals, foremost of which is restoring the state, ending the Iranian Houthi coup and achieving comprehensive and equitable development within the framework of the state of law and order and the constitution of the republic.


Despite the losses and sacrifices that the Party has made and is still making at a number of stages, it was and still is devoting the base of sacrifice in debt, asceticism and booty. Its asceticism in the booties was the result of great awareness and national responsibility towards the people and the country.

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