.Al-Odayni: The Islah proceeded in partnership with everyone to preserve the republican system

.Al-Odayni: The Islah proceeded in partnership with everyone to preserve the republican system

The Deputy Head of the Media Department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) party, Mr. Adnan Al-Odayni, said, "On the anniversary of the establishment of Islah, it is worth remembering a number of national roles played by the Islah related to the national battle and related to the demand of the state of citizenship and the thorny issues of conflict."

Al- Odayni pointed out in a facebook that among these roles is what the Islah provided throughout its history as an example for the political party within the limits of its local environment and the available resources, whether it was part of the government or when it left it.

He noted that the Islah adopted peaceful struggle and did not turn to violence even in moments of coming under attacks, and went on to partner with everyone to preserve and achieve the republican system.

He stressed that the Islah was launched from an intellectual perspective that transcends and does not give in to any regionalist cause, which has achieved this great extension in the entire geography of the country, and throughout its history it remained a bond of national constants, which it has never abandoned.

Al- Odayni indicated that Islah, with its support for national constants, and its constant support for what is in the interest of the Yemeni people, is by nature against terrorism in all its forms, noting that this can be seen from the fact that politics always exists where the Islah exists, and disappears where the party is restricted and its activities are frozen.

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