'International celebration of an unlawful governmental consent of fuel to Houthis'

'International celebration of an unlawful governmental consent of fuel to Houthis'


  1. There is a regional and international celebration of the presidential council's exceptional consent to allow the entry of fuel-laden vessels to [Houthi-controlled] Hodeidah seaport despite this entry's violation of the agreed upon mechanisms since the truce declaration," says Ahmed Al-Sabahi the director of the Yemeni Podium for Studies center./Taiz Time website
  2. The US and France welcome the presidential council's recent decision to allow fuel-laden vessels to Hodeidaah Seaport. Four vessels enter the port, Houthis ask for nine more vessels to sell them in the black market/Multiple websites
  3. Houthis shell villages in the north of Al-Dhale'a province with artillery fire/Multiple websites
  4. The army repels a Houthi infiltration attempt into the besieged city of Taiz/Anaween Post
  5. The Houthi militia arrest dozens of truck drivers over refusing to pay nefarious taxes./Ayn Almahrah
  6. The Yemen Journalists Union condemns the crackdown on opinion freedom in Aden/Yemen Sky
  7. As soon as the season for a nefarious tax ends, the Houthi militia launch another season, making the entire year a season of continuous extortion of money under varying banners. Collecting of nefarious taxes has extended to people's private homes IN Sana'a now as neighborhood chieftains there distribute envelops to every household to ask them to donate for the Prophet's Birth celebrations/ Islah Net.
  8. Yemeni tribes in the Age of Houthis: Exploitation and humiliation/Islah Net

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