Houthi militia intensify war in Taiz and Marib: Press summary

Houthi militia intensify war in Taiz and Marib: Press summary

The terrorist Houthi militia have intensified their war on the cities of Taiz and Marib and since last night the terrorist militia has been trying fighting fiercely and sending military reinforcements in trying to make advances toward the two cities/Multiple websites

Houthi helicopter circles over the sky of Ibb city in central Yemen this Friday for the first time since the start of the Yemeni war (in 2015)/M ultiple websites enclosing video and pictures.

An armed man shot dead two men on a motorbike in Omar al-Moktar neighborhood in Aden this Friday for no known reasons/Multiple websites

Military reinforcements including dozens of military vehicles marched from the southern city of Aden northward to Ataq city this Friday as part of continuous buildup of force by the Southern Transitional Council separatist militia/
Multiple websites

The Houthi militia have intensified military attacks on sensitive frontline in Marib: the army's positions in Al-Balaq Mountain /Bawabati website

STC militiamen force buses to stop, rob passengers of money in the highway between Abyan and Shabwa, the province they recently controlled/Alsahwa
Taiz is has been coming under a large scale Houthi attack since early this Friday/Anbaa Aden.

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