Two civilians killed in Houthi-laid landmine blast in western Yemen: Press summary

Two civilians killed in Houthi-laid landmine blast in western Yemen: Press summary

  1. Mohammed Ahmed Dowbalah was killed when his transport truck hit a landmine in south of Hodeidah, Yemen's key port province on the Red Sea on Sunday. Another man, Abduh Sulayji, was also killed by a Houthi landmine in Hajjah in the same day/Alsahwa


-        Houthis make up a new fuel crisis in Sana'a to help their owned black markets thrive/multiple websites.


-        The STC militia in Yemen's south begin copying the Houthis in extorting businesses in the name of fees for offering protection and security/Multiple websites

-        Houthis sack a high school female student for refusing to chant the terrorist militia's "death rally cry during the morning assembly./Multiple websites.


- Houthis continue to infuse future young generations with terrorist ideologies by imposing sectarian classes in schools./Alsahwa


-        The international lenience toward Houthis  helped them sabotage the truce, says information minister al-Eryani/Multiple websites


-        The STC militia accuses journalist Ahmed Maher, who is in the militia's custody, of participation in the assassination of an army general (Thabet Jawas) last March. The journalist appears to have been subjected to severe torture. /Akhbar Taiz and other websites.      

-        Fourteen hostages in the STC militia's prison in Aden go on hunger strike over their continued detention despite court orders to release them/Alsahwa Net


-        The army continues to repel non-stopping Houthi attacks in Taiz and Marib, despite the truce/Balqeees TV.

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