Sana'a and surrounding towns living the life of indefinite despair: press summary

Sana'a and surrounding towns living the life of indefinite despair: press summary

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As no court officials or anyone of the high-profile figures seems to be immune from the physical eliminations by the terrorist Houthi dynasty, the people in Sana'a, Dhamar, Amran and Arhab are living in indefinite despair, and waiting for a miracle or some sort of savior. The terrorists in those areas are tearing tribes from limb to limb these days. It is no surprise that such a racist (foreign-origin) dynasty be so cruel and so vengeful in a region where they feel they are don't belong./Rakeb Al-Harazi on Facebook

  1. The cold blood slaughter of judge Mohammed Humran was one in countless signals of intimidations the Houthi militia keeps sending to the brains of north Yemen's tribes to keep them in a state of permanent fear, helplessness and submission. Houthis are demonstrating most of their cruelty in the north, where they anticipate a popular uprising and subsequently their resounding fall./Amer Aljabri on FB.
  2. Even if Iranian generals claim the affiliation of Houthis to Iran. Houthis still have other backers, stronger, more covert and more wicked backers than Iran/Ali Yassen on twitter


Traditional Press

-  Houthi military parades: Preparations for a new war/Suhayl 

-  Daughter of judge Humran: "While I and my family are still horrified by the murder of my father … the murderer (Houthi figure) Mohammed Al-Emad is still bragging of his grisly crime)./Yemeni Sport website

- Houthis press ahead with their unilateral war and the truce is not holding. The international community's focus is on marketing the false news that it is holding/Almahriya TV.


- Houthis shell western parts of Taiz heavily/ Taiz Time


-    Houthis launch a campaign of oppressing and annihilating villagers in Sana'a, Dhamar and Ibb/The Islah net







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