Unknown gunmen assassinate government soldier in Sayoon: Press summary

Unknown gunmen assassinate government soldier in Sayoon: Press summary

  1. Uknown gunmen shot dead police officer Akram bin Rashed Al-Shahir in the city of Sayoon in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadhramout late on Tuesday/Multiple websites.
  2. For the fourth time, explosions are heard and quakes are heard in Shabwa's provincial capital Ataq. Artificial explosions are being conducted to make oil and gas seep down beyond extraction!!/Multiple websites.
  3. Gunmen kill a court chief in Sana'a after kidnaping him/Aden ALghad
  4. Houthis mobilize large number of militants in Hodeidah in preparation for expanding their control/Sawt Al-Watan
  5. A brainwashed Houthi militant has killed his youngest brother in Amran norther governorate, a year after he killed his eldest brother/Multiple websites
  6. The Islah party: Peace won't materialize in Yemen without ending the coup and restoring the legitimate government/Marib Press
  7. The Houthi militia begin to physically eliminate judges. The first victim is Mohammed Humran a member of the Supreme Court/Almeethaq News
  8. Racism and hatred: Houthis kill a marginalized [black of African origin] Yemeni man as he sought to have his dead relative buried in a cemetery belong to the terror group in Sana'a./Sawt Al-Watan
  9. The army thwarts a Houthi attack in the east of the central Yemen city of Taiz. Meanwhile a Houthi sniper shot injured a civilian in the besieged city's north./Alsahwa







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