Houthis renew attack on Taiz: Press summary

Houthis renew attack on Taiz: Press summary


  1. The Houthi militia have renewed their attack on the central Yemen city of Taiz, a day after a massive attack that claimed dozens of lives. The militia are intensifying attacks to close the last humanitarian corridor to the besieged city despite their participation in talks with a governmental delegation in Jordan at the moment with a view to getting the militia to lift their years long siege on the city/Multiple websites.
  2. The Yemeni governmental delegation in Jordan has withdrawn from talks with the terrorist Houthi militia over their continued attacks on Taiz./Multiple websites
  3. The Houthi militia launch attacks with a ballistic missile, armed drones and mortar rounds on the army's positions in Harib district in south Marib as part of the militia's continuous unilateral war in spite of the army's adherence to the ceasefire deal./Multiple websites.
  4. A landmine expert was injured in Taiz today when a camouflaged explosive (laid by the Houthis) went off while he was trying to defuse it./Crater Sky
  5. The mothers of forcibly disappeared people were subjected to assault by separatists guarding the presidential palace in Aden today as they were staging a rally to demand a revelation on the whereabouts of their kidnapped sons./Taiz Time
  6. The Yemeni Organization for Prisoners and Hostages unveiled in a report today that 2,000 people are disappeared and more than 17 thousand people are tortured in Houthi prisoners /Alsahwa
  7. A civilian was injured by a Houthi-laid landmine in south Hodeidah today, hours after another young man was killed by a landmine. Saddam Baysh was injured when the tractor he was driving hit a landmine in Al-Odayn intersection this morning and 24 year old Wahbi Hassan Mohammed had been killed by a landmine the day before. The Houthi militia have planted thousands of landmines in residential areas and public roads in Hodeidah which account for the loss of hundreds of civilian lives including of women and children/Alsahwa





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