Houthi terrorists use UN envoy's performance as guidelines: Political parties in Yemen's Taiz

Houthi terrorists use UN envoy's performance as guidelines: Political parties in Yemen's Taiz

Political parties in Yemen's afflicted Taiz have slammed the UN special envoy and his military advisor as offering, through their attitude, guidelines to the Houthi terrorists who have been besieging the city and killing its civilians for seven years.

In a statement on Monday, the key 12 political parties in the city including the GPC and the Islah said, "There is nothing new in the army's heroically holding grounds against the attack of the Houthis, but the new thing is that the terrorist militia are using the attitudes of the UN envoy and his military advisor as guidelines in dealing with the so-called "truce," which the envoy and his advisor keep bragging about as an accomplishment without thinking of the continued fall of child and women victims in the Houthi shelling on the neighborhoods of Taiz."  

The statement said: "The terrorist Houthi militia's attack all night long until early today (Monday) was not a 'ceasefire breach' as the envoy and his military advisor would like to call it with the aim of euphemizing the crime. It was a massive and intensive military action in a bid to close the last road and lifeline to the besieged city, a sign that the truce [from the Houthi side] no longer exists."

The statement addressed the local people of Taiz, recounted the historical attitude of the UN in pursuing the empowerment of Houthis and soliciting more and more economic and military gains for the militia.

It emphasized the stubbornness of the conspiracy, and called on the Yemenis in the country and broad to stand united in condemning the Houthi crime and the permanent international lenience toward the Houthi terrorism.

The parties also called on the country's presidential council to stand to this UN lenience with Houthis even as they press ahead with the war.

They also called on the local and international CSOs to condemn the Houthi unstopping war on Taiz, and appealed to the Arab coalition to offer support to Taiz to liberate its Houthi-occupied parts and break the Houthi siege. 

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