Amidst demands they open besieged Taiz's roads, Houthis fight fiercely to close last one

Amidst demands they open besieged Taiz's roads, Houthis fight fiercely to close last one

Instead of responding to growing demands to open vital roads to the years long besieged Taiz, Yemen's Houthi terrorists have fiercely escalated attacks against the city in an attempt to close the last road, local sources say. 

Since early last night, waves on waves of Shia terrorists have been attacking the city's western outskirt  under the cover of  artillery shelling in a bid to block Al-Dhabab road, the last commercial and humanitarian corridor that connects the city with the outside world, but government forces fiercely resisted the attack until this Monday morning.  Ten government soldiers were killed and five others injured and Houthis suffered more casualties, several source said.

Lifting the seven year siege on Taiz was the only concession the government has sought to solicit from Houthis since the Stockholm consultations in December 2018, which culminated in an agreement awarding the Red Sea port of Hodeidah to the Shia sectarian murderers as a free prize.

In different rounds of negotiations, the Shia terrorists have acquired new gains lastly including the freedom to operate Sana'a Airport with them just promising the same and only confidence-building step and not fulfilling the promise: to lift the Taiz siege. And the UN is the broker of those talks!! 

City residents angry at the open-ended international silence and collusion with the Shiit militia slammed the UN envoy and the international community harshly.

"Yesterday's assault was under the auspices of the UN envoy, the UN member states and all enemies of Taiz," said prominent activist Mohammed Mahyoob on facebook.

"A sad day in Taiz. Ten people city defenders sacrificed their souls in the fiercest battle Taiz  has seen," he said. "They received an order from the UN: Block the only lifeline for Taiz and then negotiate."







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