Houthis plan to start a fuel crisis for profiteering: Press summary

Houthis plan to start a fuel crisis for profiteering: Press summary

Despite the flow of fuel-laden ships to the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, the Houthi militia is planning to create a fuel crisis in Sana'a to divert the available fuel supply to black markets aand invest in it for the militia's military operations./Bawabati

  1. A civilian has been killed by a Houthi landmine in Hodeidah, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines said on Monday./Alharf 28
  2. The STC militia are extorting truck drivers in Lahj/Yeni Yemen

  3. Yemenis commemorate the third anniversary of the UAE's massacring of 300 government soldiers (by airstrikes) while they were nearing Aden to capture it back from separatists/Social media

  4. A child has been kidnapped in front of his house in Sana'a/Multiple websites

  5. Houthis are infusing school curricula with sectarian content/24 Post

  6. A tribal chieftain from Al-Beidha was physically eliminated by the Houthi militia in Sana'a early this week/24 Post

  7. Houthis are fueling tribal infighting in Amran/Bawabati

  8. Houthi military campaign arrests more than 100 civilians in Alhada district in Dhamar/Bawabati

  9. The Yemeni currency resumes depreciation/Multiple websites

  10. The results of the biggest Houthi attack to cut off the only remaining road in Taiz./Bawabati

  11. Sixteen human rights organization call upon the Houthi militia to open vital roads in and around the besieged Taiz city/Multiple websites


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