STC gunmen close the only industrial facility in Abyan: Press summary

STC gunmen close the only industrial facility in Abyan: Press summary

  1. Gunmen from the separatist STC militia are still besieging Al-Wahdah Cement Factory, the only industrial facility in the southern province of Abyan. The gunmen disallow the movement of shipments and labor into or out of the facility and the factory has closed since the gunmen fired on labour transportation buses last Thursday/Multiple websites
  2. "Yemen is the country where the biggest number of landmines has been planted since WWII. Houthis have planted two million landmines so far," the director of the Yemeni Red Sea Center for Political Studies MohammedAl-Walas has said/Multiple websites
  3. After capturing Shabwa and Abyan, the STC are preparing to capture Almahrah. Aideroos (the STC militia's leader) is raising the Muslim Brotherhood and Houthis, a boring pretext./Mareb Press
  4. The (female) chief of Media Studies Department at Sana'a University says 'I don't know what [of my households] to sell" in order to have money for food./Multiple websites.
  5. Houthis display warplanes in the skies of Sana'a for the first time since the beginning of the war/Sawt Al-Watan website.
  6. Houthis are besieging Arhab district, a Sana'a outskirt, as part of the militia's continues abuses against the Sana'a tribes. Forty trucks with machineguns on them have been deployed to the area/Multiple websites
  7. Houthi-laid naval mines: A threat to local fishermen and international shipping/Ayn Almahrah
  8. Houthis are seeking to replace 1200 judges with others from the militia's supremacist caste in the militia's areas of control (most north Yemen)/Alsahwa Net
  9. A governmental delegation from Marib is in Rawanda to learn from the country's experiences in post-war recovery, urban planning and reconstruction.
  10. The Houthi armed militiamen are deploying in amusement parks in Sana'a to demand IDs from visitors and extort their money/Al-Rashad Press
  11. The STC militia copy the Houthis in dealing with schoolchildren/Sawt Al-Watan
  12. The STC militia take over Bin Maeeli camp in Al-Arqoob of Abyan and hoist the flag of former south Yemen/Multiple websites
  13. The health of an old man Shukri Al-Futyani is deteriorating in a Houthi-run jail in Sana'a/Yemen Sky
  14. The STC militia's self-styled "governor" of Shawa Awadh Al-Awlaki survived an assassination attempt in the southern Shabwa on Saturday. The once bustling city and markets of Shabwa are now haunted places after Al-Awlaki and his separatist militia seized Shabwa from the government and turned on one another in continuous internal fighting that mimics what is happening in Aden/Multiple websites.
  15. A family in Sana'a have had to cede their house to the Houthi militia to release one of their members held hostage in one of the militia's prisons/Bawabati
  16. Heavy explosions heard in Taiz as the army repels fierce attacks by the Houthi militia in the eastern side of the besieged city./Taiz Time and other websites
  17. Houthis have been using the truce to build their forces and arsenal, and have offered no concession. Not a single one since the beginning of the truce. Instead of offering the much-awaited concession of ending Taiz siege, the militia are escalating attacks on the city before the eyes of the world/Almahriya

Gathered by Anis Al-Wali

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