Coalitio.n militiamen's attack on women event triggers wide outrage in Yemen's Hadhramout

Coalitio.n militiamen's attack on women event triggers wide outrage in Yemen's Hadhramout

-The attack by A.rab c*oalition= backed (STC) militiamen on a women event on Peace in Hadhramout has triggered wide public anger in the eastern Yemen province.

The Inclusive Hadhramout Forum said in a statement said the militiamen's attack on the event which a licensed civil society organization organized in an hotel in Mukalla on Thursday and the "intimidation of women in Hadhramout is an unacceptable show of lawlessness in Hadhramout, the province of peace and love, whose residents have been demanding rights and freedoms since the 1950s." /Multiple websites.

  1. Yemen's Foreign Minister said in a meeting with the British ambassador the continued Houthi seven year siege on Taiz city means the failure of the UN-brokered truce."/Yeni Yemen
  2. The Yemeni army in Taiz repelled a Houthi armed attack in the city's west early Friday/Yemen Time
  3. Houthis blew up Halhala a main mountain pass in Abyan on Wednesday/Multiple websites
  4. The Public Prosecution in Marib denies the malicious rumorsthat some militants flagellated a man and a woman in the road over adultery./Yemeni Post and other websites
  5. The STC militia are training new recruits in the use of heavy weapons in Socotra archipelago/Almahriy
  6. Sectarian holidays outlines the sectarian nature and identity of the Houthi group controlling Sana'a/Alharf 28
  7. A Houthi sniper shot injured university teacher Ahmed Abdullah Al-Layth who was routinely surveying his father's farm in Dhale'a province [a meeting point between north and south Yemen]/Aljazeera TV channel.
  8. Tribes of Azzan, in the southeastern Yemen Shabwa province, engage in clashes with the STC militants who are trying to seize the biggest military camp there./Special sources
  9. Houthi militants plan to destroy three public sectors in Sana'a by putting an end their financial independence: The telecommunication, the governmental banks and the public oil company./Bawabati.

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