Yemen: Houthis hang child to death in militant-run jail in Taiz

Yemen: Houthis hang child to death in militant-run jail in Taiz

Yemen's Shia Houthis hanged a boy to death in one of their run jails in the central Yemeni province of Taiz last Tuesday, sources have said.

The terror group who control part of Taiz executed 15-year-old Ahmed Mohammed Qasem Lutf in the notorious jail of Al-Saleh for no known reason, sources and relatives of the child said.

Ahmed had served an unjustifiably long term of imprisonment of three years without charge, and his relatives and acquaintances said the case is "a trivial one."

The bloodiest terror group on planet Earth controls most north Yemen including parts of Taiz and besiege its provincial capital. From a range of mountains around Taiz alone, the terrorists have killed and wounded thousands of children mainly by sniping over the past seven years.

Another news of abuse coming today is a complaint by the family of journalist Tawfik Almansouri that their imprisoned relative's health is deteriorating in a Sana'a jail where he is facing torture for years.

The family has learnt the terrorists plan to transfer Almansouri to an exceptionally humiliating, dark solitary confinement known as the "Pressure Cooker."  

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