Houthi helicopter circles over Taiz: Press summary

Houthi helicopter circles over Taiz: Press summary

  1. A Houthi helicopter circles the sky of Taiz for the first time since the start of the Yemeni war in 2015. The Dep. Director of the Army's Morale Guidance DepartmentAbdulbaset Albahr said Houthi militia have exploited the "truce" to maintain old warplanes, develop unmanned drones and set up a maintenance workshop in a military base adjacent to Taiz's civil airport with the assistance of foreign experts/Multiple websites.
  2. The Yemeni army repelled a Houthi attack south of Marib province on Tuesday morning/Yeni Yemen
  3. Houthi militia press ahead with planting landmines despite the truce, the Director of the National Mine Action Program Amin Al-Aqili has said./Multiple websites
  4. The STC militia launch a military operation against the armed forces in south Yemen's Abyan province/Multiple websites
  5. Houthi senior militant and his father shot dead a shopkeeper and wounded his brother in their shop in Hodeidah over their refusal to join the militia's warfronts/Al-Rashad Press
  6. Nazar Alwajih was the Salafi leader who led the Giants Brigade's attack on the government-held Shabwa/Yemeni Post
  7. The Houthis have been exploiting the truce, among many, to develop their military arsenal/Yemeni TV channel website


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