STC militias attack the army, set up checkpoints in south eastern Yemen: Press summary

STC militias attack the army, set up checkpoints in south eastern Yemen: Press summary

  1. The Southern Transitional Council militia have begun attacking the army's positions, setting up checkpoints and raising separatist flags in the road that links Ataq (of Shabwa province) with Al-Abr (of Hadhramout province). The STC's move is even a violation of the presidential commission's orders which had tasked the government's especial forces of securing the road/Multiple websites.

  2. The Houthi militia continue to shell residential neighborhoods and army's sites in Al-Dhabab area, Taiz province until now (Saturday evening)/Alsahwa and Yeni Yemen

  3. The Houthi militia have been shelling Al-Robayee area west of Taiz today from afternoon to evening time/Crater Sky

  4. The Houthi militilia launch heavy shelling on houses of civilians in Al-Dhale'a province/Al-Rashad Press.

  5. A Senior Houthi militant in Aljawf came under an attack which led to the death of his son and injury of his bodyguards today/Multiple websites.
  6. Floods displace 35 thousand families while Houthis battle amongst themselves over land and tax loots/Almanarah
  7. The STC militia have started new battles in Abyan province/Ethraa
  8. Three people have been killed by a Houthi explosive in Bani Hassan area inn the northern Yemen province of Hajjah/Aden Alghad
  9. The WFP insists on distributing expired food in Marib despite the local authority's objections and the people's nearing of famine/Multiple websites.
  10. The Yemeni army says 40 soldiers have been killed and injured by Houthis violating the truce in the past five days./The Defense Ministry's media outlets.
  11. Houthis attacked the house of a civilian (Mohammed Al-Fattahi) in Yemen's southern Dhale'a province on Friday damaging the house and another (adjacent) to it./Multiple websites
  12. Three people were killed and injured by a Houthi landmine in the south of Hodeidah province on Friday/Multiple sources.
  13. Three civilian casualties in Houthi shelling on Taiz./Multiple websites
  14. Two children were injured by Houthi landmine in Harib of Marib today/Multiple websites
  15. A civilian was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Taiz today. Mustafa Mohamed 28 was shot while walking in his neighborhood in the city's east at the hands of a Houthi sniper stationed in the Central Security Camp which is under the control of the terrorist militia/Multiple websites.

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