Houthis keep looting Sana'a properties, besieging civilians: Press summary

Houthis keep looting Sana'a properties, besieging civilians: Press summary

  1. Houthi gangs led by militiaman Abdulbaset have been encircling the villages of Hamdan, a Sana'a outskirt, cutting food and medical supplies to the besieged civilian tribesmen as the militia seeks to loot their land. The militia have also kidnapped 50 civilians./Al-Islah website
  2. The Houthis loot the private properties in Sana'a and the tribes warn of an uprising against the militia/Islah
  3. A soldier was killed and another was injured in a Houthi shelling on the western side of the besieged Taiz city/ the Taiz Military Axis website.
  4. As many as 26 people were killed and wounded by fire in IDPs camps in Marib in the past six months, the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs camps has said. Eight housing units were gutted by fire in Al-Wahdah IDPs camp north of the city a couple of days ago/Multiple websites.
  5. International activities in progress to expand the truce with shy remarks about the Taiz siege issue/Taiz Time.
  6. Clashes have renewed between the UAE-backed Giants militia and the Yemeni army/Taiz Time
  7. The separatist militias intensify bombings on the army in Al-Abr in the country's west/Multiple websites
  8. The Houthi militia intensify drone attacks on government forces north of Al-Dhale'a/Multiple websites.

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