'Houthi snipers have been forcing Taiz neighborhood residents to stay indoors for two weeks'

'Houthi snipers have been forcing Taiz neighborhood residents to stay  indoors for two weeks'

Press summary

  1. The Houthi snipers besieging the [central Yemen] city of Taiz for seven years have been forcing the residents of Bareed Al-Rowdha neighborhood in the city to stay indoors since the beginning of this month (August). Female member of the national Commission for Enquiry into Human Rights Abuse Allegations Eshraq Almaqtari has said in a tweet that the Houthi snipers have been shooting fire and targeting people since the beginning of the month./Source: Bawabati news website
  2. A young man was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Taiz today.

A Houthi militant stationed in the Central Security Camp besieging the city shot 22-year-old Asil Al-Aghbari while he was walking in Kelaba neighborhood in the eastern part of the besieged city. The neighborhood is one of the worst affected by sniper shootings of Houthi terrorists for seven years /Multiple websites

  1. The Ara*b Co.al.ition's. drones renewed attacks on government soldiers in the road between Shabwa and Hadhramout killing three soldiers and injuring others today.
  2. A new Emira*ti plan is in progress to make Hadhramout fall to the hands of separatists/Almahriya
  3. Big fire guts down IDPs tens in Marib/Al-Waal Alyemeni
  4. The Houthi militia are committing grave abuses against the people of Hamdan tribe outside Sana'a as the terrorists want to seize their lands/Multiple websites
  5. The UN is offering a generous unprecedented support to Houthi terrorists under the guise of rehabilitating 10 thousand flood-impacted houses in Sana'a./Sawt Al-Watan
  6. Clashes left several people dead and injured in a Qat market in Ataq, the provincial capital of Shabwa, today as separatist gangs in control of the city start spreading chaos/Multiple website.
  7. The STC militia has sent a large military convoy from Aden to Shabwa yesterday in preparation to launch new attacks against the legitimate army in the country's east/Multiple websites

  8. The UN Special Envoy to Yemen says, "There has not been more progress achieved on road openings" in the city of Taiz which is under years long Houthi siege. The stubborn Shia militants have not offered any concession to the government since 2018 while international pressures secure they earn gains after gains/Multiple sources.

  9. The expansion of dominance of fascist militias at the government's expense in Yemen will fire back and no Gu.lf Co.un.cil member will be spared. The late adolescence of two ev.il sta.t.es will compromise the security of six states passively watching Yemen's made-up turmoil./Social media activistAli Al-Yafiee




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