Three people killed and injured by Houthi landmines in Hodeidah: Press summary

Three people killed and injured by Houthi landmines in Hodeidah: Press summary

  1. Ahmed Mohammed, 30 was killed and his eight-year-old son Saqr and nephew Ahmed were injured in Aljazh district in the western Yemen governorate of Hodeidah. Houthi-laid landmines take human lives everyday in south of Hodeidah/Al-Etiihad Net website
  2. Floods have blocked traffic in Hayjat Al-Abd, the only road connecting Yemen's besieged Taiz city with the outside world. The central Yemen city is under Houthi siege for more than seven years/Taiz Time
  3. A Houthi armed drone has been downed in Marib/Bawabati
  4. Three children drowned to death in Marib/Yeni Yemen
  5. Warnings of a suspicious Iranian navy movements in the Red Sea/Multiple websites
  6. President Hadi is in a serious health condition in Riyadh and needs to travel to the US for medical treatment! /South News Network
  7. Yemen parliament member Ali Al-Buhayri says the Yemeni people are able to defend their sovereignty and reach victory/Almahriya
  8. Yemen's army says 29 of its soldiers have been killed by Houthis in the past three days, the as the Houthi militia continue to breach the renewed truce deals./Multiple websites
  9. The Defense and Interior ministers meet the command of the First Military Zone in Sayoon, a day after U*A.E drones hit its personnel and checkpoints deployed along Shabwa-Alabr desert!/Taiz Time and other websites

Gathered by Ahmed Al-Ramihi

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